School Dance DJs in Cheyenne, WY



No matter the occasion, when it comes time to celebrate, Rock On Wheels is here to provide music, lights and entertainment to your school!  We cater to all grades and age groups, keeping appropriate focus on what kids react (dance) to most:

Elementary School

Kids Love to Dance!  Whether they are in kindergarten or fifth grade, elementary school students LOVE Rock on Wheels parties. It's because we keep things busy and active - interactive games & activities, current music, teaching new (and old) line dances, prizes, and the incredible light show - just like the middle schools and high schools.

We keep the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's music alive, with classics like the Twist and Locomotion, while adding current dances and the newest hits.

We maintain a clean, family party atmosphere, and get the adults & teachers involved in many of the games and activities.

Junior High / Middle School

Ah, the Awkward Social Years...if you are the parent of a student in grade 6-9, or teach this age of kiddo, you know what we're talking about. From fashion choices to dancing, everything is awkward; but Rock on Wheels takes extra effort to avoid social dysfunction, and gets the kids ready for high school and college socializing.

  • We treat the students like high schoolers with regard to music - songs that encourage dancing and group dancing (line dances like the Cha-Cha slide).
  • We'll mix in enough slow songs to allow the students to experience the slow dances. A great light show creates a party atmosphere which keeps the focus on the dance floor.
  • We work with teachers and chaperones. Kids act differently in large groups than individually, so we encourage group activities and a controlled environment to avoid boredom and potential trouble-making. Since we are also parents, we don't hesitate to stop the music to put an end to slam-dancing, moshing, or indecent dancing. Some lessons aren't taught in the classrooms, and social skills need guidance, too.
  • We provide lots of prizes for giveaway, and earn the respect of the students.

Controlling the crowd is much easier when you have credibility with the kids. Rock On Wheels will not play inappropriate or obscene music. Despite the popularity of certain rap and rock music lyrics with four-letter words and obscene messages, we avoid this music (even the "clean" radio versions), and encourage more hip-hop and techno/dance music. This policy can sometimes be unpopular with the kids, but parents and teachers understand our intentions and we are steadfast in our policy.

High School

Excellent Proms and Theme Dances - The Mega light show is the finest mobile light show in Wyoming, and the kids LOVE the high tech 40 light show--giving the look and feel of an adult night club atmosphere.

The challenge of any high school dance is choosing the music. We work with the teachers and adult sponsors to play appropriate music for the occasion, playing the best of the current rap and hip-hop while avoiding obscene or questionable lyrics. Oldies, country, techno and swing can be mixed in, depending on the school location and the theme of the dance.

* Special Option for High Schools and Colleges- BIG-SCREEN DVD VJ (Video DJ) with LIVE on-floor mobile camera at the dance.


No "Keggers," just Great Parties - College organizations such as bands, sororities, faculties, alumni and sports groups have used our Mega light show when they need entertainment ABOVE the normal "human jukebox" deejay.

We've developed special themes for college groups, from luaus and hoedowns to disco revivals and 80's retro parties. Rock On Wheels DJ's always dress for the theme, and decorate the sound & light systems appropriately; and the light show is the same quality light show college students might experience at clubs and night spots.

* Special Option for High Schools and Colleges- BIG-SCREEN DVD VJ (Video DJ) with LIVE on-floor mobile camera at the dance.